DCBolt Productions
3D Projection Mapping
3D Projection Mapping by DCBolt Productions

A new exhibition presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, located at 224 S. Michigan Ave. 

Chicago Model Projection

Through interactive displays, recreated sections of Chicago and views into your own personal data, Chicago: City of Big Data reveals the potential of urban data and offers a new perspective on Chicago and cities everywhere.

3D Projection Mapping
        Scale Model of Chicago
                      Data Set Animations

DCBolt Productions designed, installed and programmed the 3D projection mapping system for the City of Big Data exhibit. This integrated lighting installation brings the 3D-printed Chicago model to life through captivating and educational visual data sets and custom animations. By converging six projectors, each with its own unique perspective of the city, DCBolt was able to accurately map out more than 1000 individual buildings from all angles (Over 5000 surfaces). As this is merely a proof of concept, DCBolt designed the system with room for growth and looks forward to participating in its continued development over the next few years.